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Customer Testimonials for Independent Style 32R

Brian - 2013 Toyota Camry

Brian - 2017 Honda Accord

Love working with these guys, they are the best!

Barbara Mello - 2012 Mercedes E350

Today I spoke to Brian with Signature Motor Cars, Inc. trying to assist him with coping and pasting a review from one site to our Testimonial page. I was able to copy and paste with no issue using my computer and different browsers (Firefox & Chrome) but when trying on his MAC (With Safari & Chrome) it was hit and miss. I’ve trying pasting it on a notepad (text only) and still hit and miss. 

Brian - 1997 Honda Accord


Brian - 2011 Kia Sorento


Ronald Reagan - 2012 Ford F-150

I bought a like new pre-owned Ford F-150 at Independent Car Dealer and it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend Independent Car Dealer to anyone looking for a great deal on a quality used automobile.

Jimmy Stewart - 2012 Ford Edge

My name is Jimmy Stewart and I found the best car deal in America at Independent Car Dealer. They are by far the best used car dealer in the USA.